Barcamp Yerevan

Barcamp Yerevan is kicking off tomorrow, 18 April.

If you’re a geek and blogging, you should definitely drop by to meet at least two amazing, extraordinary and just plain cool (did I forget to mention humble?) people – Jaguar over at Starlight Galaxy and your humble servant.

Most importantly, Jaguar is throwing off a mega presentation at 12:00 in the afternoon on Saturday, and I do know it’s gonna be nothing anyone expects (oh yeah, and missing it is lame).

So, be sure to register and see you at Barcamp.

One thought on “Barcamp Yerevan”

  1. So much for planning, once again, as fate had us all thrown around in a much different way and I had to work my way out of a resulting mild crisis, but overall the event went great and we’re not gonna be regretting it. Also huge thanks to Silver for dedicating some of his attention, as it certainly means alot. If you managed to miss the event, see above for definition. Dixi. =)

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