Two Retro BMWs: R7 and Sunbeam S7

Two beautiful retro BMW motorcycles shared by folks in Google Reader looked so gorgeous that I could not resist posting them here.

First is BMW R7, a 1934 concept motorcycle.


Second is the beautiful Sunbeam S7 designed by Erling Poppe based on BMW R75 of the late 40s.

Sunbeam S7
Sunbeam S7

Retro curves and round headlights are sexy. No, sportbike riders, you probably don’t get it.

2 thoughts on “Two Retro BMWs: R7 and Sunbeam S7”

  1. I love the R7, if they started producing it I would deff buy one,
    even though I’m looking at getting a Buell 1125cr
    not ALL sportbikers are idiots 😉

    1. Hey now, that Buell thing is actually very sexy!

      Can you imagine BMW starting to produce the R7 for the mass market though? I think the only way to see that happen in this world is to somehow jump to a parallel reality! :))

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