Day 12: Eskişehir

If I were a little boy, I would love living in Eskişehir.

And because I really am, I really loved it!


Because it is a nice town with a lot of flowers, plants and trees.

It would give me a strong sense of belonging,

With weird statues with fountains that hint at female sexuality!

Sometimes a little too explicitly!

Also because it is a town with many motorcycles of completely unknown brands that look like they belong to cartoon superheroes.

Ever heard of a motorcycle named “Discovery”?

What about “Tiger”?

But most importantly, I would love it because it is a town where pilots are revered!

And where the fighter jets fly really low

…Every fifteen minutes.

7 thoughts on “Day 12: Eskişehir”

  1. Didn’t you see the bridges and Porsuk canal? Actual Eskişehir is on Porsuk! That canal is the heart of the city. And also if you’ll turn back there you should see Kent Park. There is no see in Eskişehir but there is a beach in Kent Park 🙂 That place is amazing!

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