I’ve redesigned the blog. It is now simpler, slicker, sexier, smoother and more functional at the same time. It now features a sophisticated map which has a programmed ability to show my location live during the long journeys (of which I’ll be speaking extensively), tweets streaming straight into the posts list, all sorts of fancy social media sharing tools,  but most importantly — the new colors match the design of my awesome helmet!

Shining new design
Shining new design

Fact: No traveler has a map as cool as the one on the new One Hell of a Ride. Seriously.

Countdown to 2010

Sounds awkward after the New Year festivities? For us the chosen ones 2010 starts in April, and we are counting every second to get back on the road with that soft chilly Spring scent in the air.

I have added a Season 2010 Countdown widget to the blog on the right sidepane, above the About text. While half of the winter is gone by now, still more than two months remain. And hell, World of Warcraft just doesn’t fill the gap.

Rare blogging

..and motorcycling lately.

I am stuffed with a lot of exciting professional work (and personal life) lately + the season is gone, so One Hell of a Ride has gotten somewhat passive, but I have a lot of exciting posts coming!

Next in the queue is a Developing Country Resident’s Guide to Storing a CBF500 for the Winter, and while we are all holding our breaths for Season’10, we will get a little less tripey and a little more thinkey with writing!

We believe life is what you make it

We believe in going our own way, no matter which way the rest of the world is going.

We believe in bucking the system that’s built to smash individuals as bugs on a windshield.

Some of us believe in the man upstairs. All of us believe in sticking it to the man down here.

We believe in the sky, and we don’t believe in the sunroof.

We believe in freedom.

We believe in dust, tumbleweeds, buffalo, mountain ranges and riding off into the sunset.

We believe in saddle bags and we believe that cowboys had it right.

We believe in refusing to knuckle under to anyone.

We believe in wearing black, because it doesn’t show any dirt or weakness.

We believe the world is going soft, and we’re not going along with it.

We believe in motorcycle rallies that last a week.

We believe in road side attractions, gas station hot dogs, and finding out what’s over the next hill.

We believe in rumbling engines, pistons the size of garbage cans, fuel tanks designed in 1936, freight-train size headlights, chrome and custom paint.

We believe in flames and skulls.

We believe life is what you make it, and we make it one hell of a ride.

We believe the machine you sit on can tell the world exactly where you stand.

We don’t care what everyone else believes…


Of Subscriptions

If you’re reading this post, you may have come across it through your search query on your favorite search engine, or it may be that you are just reading this blog regularly (if you’re currently in the coziness of your favorite feed reader, you can safely mark this post as read and move on to the next item in your roster).

For you guys, the need to subscribe is certain.

Whether you’re using Google Reader, Bloglines, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Outlook, any other feed reader or none at all — subscription is an easy and convenient way of getting the updates as they appear instead of refreshing till your reload button goes numb. I found this important to mention, as I get a lot of direct hits.

Most of the time simply adding to your reader’s subscription list should be enough. For particularly dumb feed readers would be a more precise URL. Over there you will also see more options of subscribing to the blog updates — you can even get the new posts in an email.

There are at least three feed readers already mentioned in the post, so if you don’t have a choice at the moment — they are listed in order of exponentially dropping coolness.

Seriously, content and convenience are more important than form and style. Go ahead and subscribe. Catch up with the Web 2.0 train before Web 3.0 hits you from the back!

And do not worry, big brother I will still track you.

Barcamp Yerevan

Barcamp Yerevan is kicking off tomorrow, 18 April.

If you’re a geek and blogging, you should definitely drop by to meet at least two amazing, extraordinary and just plain cool (did I forget to mention humble?) people – Jaguar over at Starlight Galaxy and your humble servant.

Most importantly, Jaguar is throwing off a mega presentation at 12:00 in the afternoon on Saturday, and I do know it’s gonna be nothing anyone expects (oh yeah, and missing it is lame).

So, be sure to register and see you at Barcamp.