The Motorcycle presents you a challenge to master the machine, a challenge to adventure. You ride through the wind, linked to the road by a vehicle that responds to your commands as no other does. Unlike an automobile, there is no metal cage around you. Like an airplane, a pre-ride inspection and regular maintenance are essential to your safety. Your reward is freedom.

Pleasant riding, and thank you for choosing a Honda!

–Honda CBF500/A Owner’s Manual

Quest: Honda CBF500

I’m starting this blog as I am on the final frontier of completing my main motorcycling quest for the upcoming seasons – a brand new Honda CBF500 purchase!

Tomorrow is a decisive day as I am going to fetch some crucial loan-related documents from the bank. Since my loan is approved, it will only be a matter of days to possess the shiny machine, and it couldn’t come at a better time: the season is barely up!

So this blog will be my motorcycling home on the web, as I am planning to ride and blog a hell lot this season. There’ll be a lot of stuff, so subscribing now is a grand idea. Let’s make this season one hell of a ride!

Honda CBF500
Honda CBF500