First Annual Garbage Ride!!

Dedicated to lovely Garbage, the First Annual Garbage Ride (FAGR) is an amazing riding experience through central and northern Armenia that takes place during the first weekend after September 5.

The trip is not limited to motorbikes only and everyone is free to join with cars, trucks, bicycles, rollerblades or even helicopters! Oh yeah, bringing your own sweet things to the trip is encouraged!

Annual Garbage Ride map

I will post more as the day approaches. Note that the route is subject to change at this point, so this is just a general idea.

In the meantime, mail me if you think you’d want to ride/drive/fly/swim/teleport through the journey!!

Schumacher the Rider

“I tried to find a good comparison but it is difficult to say. It is impossible to compare the two (Formula One and MotoGP), as they have nothing to do with each other. It helps you to find the line because when you drive you understand what you have to do, in principle, but not in detail. But to compare these two things is two different worlds it is like being on earth and going to the moon.”

— Michael Schumacher

How much fun can you have during one weekend?

So, TGIF, the day is done and you’re pondering about the upcoming evening as well as the two upcoming days. Important: you have a motorcycle, and it is, afterall, a fun machine. So you want to have as much fun as possible during two days and an evening, to prepare for a wild biz week starting Monday.

Naturally, after a dinner you start with a visit to the Burnt Ministry (Varvac Ministrutyun, Վառված Մինիստրություն). You meet with the fellow motorized fun colleagues, discuss some motorbike–related topics and kick a sweet small ride across Yerevan and the suburbs, enjoying the dusk, the rumbling of the cruiser’s engine behind and the whizzing of the sportbike’s engine ahead.

You then schedule a ride to Ijevan for Saturday and go clubbing till 5 in the morning.

In the morning you pack and head out to start the Ijevan ride.

You move out at around 11, ride on the M4 across a freezing wind, and take a short lahmajo / tea break in Dilijan.

Then you warm up and start riding to Ijevan, around 40 kilometers.

In Ijevan you meet a friend who invites you to his house in Gandzakar, where you meet some very nice people.

And enjoy a freshly slain (sorry nature activists) lamb BBQ

With some home–produced vodka

And awesome stories.

You then receive a call from another friend who invites you to join him in Dilijan and ride a section to Sevan. So you ride back to Dilijan, join him with his car and his company, then on the Shorzha intersection you turn to stack up with more friends at Sevan.

You spend the night playing a guitar, watching the stars and the fire, and in the morning you swallow some wonderful omelet after watching a new boat being put into the lake.

Afterwards you receive a call inviting you to a racing event in Arzni, you pack again and head out to meet more friends

..and watch some outstanding fun action!!





You watch some very fast cars

Meet some very fast motorcycles

And of course meet me who has incidentally been also doing exactly everything that was described above!

Then you ride with me to Yerevan for a coctail at a favorite cafe, go home for a shower and just when you want to go back to more clubbing, you drop dead sleeping.

Great weekend: [ SUCCESS ]

We believe life is what you make it

We believe in going our own way, no matter which way the rest of the world is going.

We believe in bucking the system that’s built to smash individuals as bugs on a windshield.

Some of us believe in the man upstairs. All of us believe in sticking it to the man down here.

We believe in the sky, and we don’t believe in the sunroof.

We believe in freedom.

We believe in dust, tumbleweeds, buffalo, mountain ranges and riding off into the sunset.

We believe in saddle bags and we believe that cowboys had it right.

We believe in refusing to knuckle under to anyone.

We believe in wearing black, because it doesn’t show any dirt or weakness.

We believe the world is going soft, and we’re not going along with it.

We believe in motorcycle rallies that last a week.

We believe in road side attractions, gas station hot dogs, and finding out what’s over the next hill.

We believe in rumbling engines, pistons the size of garbage cans, fuel tanks designed in 1936, freight-train size headlights, chrome and custom paint.

We believe in flames and skulls.

We believe life is what you make it, and we make it one hell of a ride.

We believe the machine you sit on can tell the world exactly where you stand.

We don’t care what everyone else believes…


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