A Biker Bar in Yerevan

Did you know that a motorcyclers’ bar is launching in Yerevan as soon as on September 25?

I paid a visit there today while it was still under heavy construction and the place looked very promising at first sight!

The owners were very nice and promised to keep the prices ‘somewhere between the Rock Bar and Square One’, so let’s see how this one goes.

Ah yeah, the bar is located near the Sakharov statue around Vega’s corner, facing the Tumanyan street — so it also has a nice small parking lot, good for motorcycles.

View Location of the Bikers Bar in a larger map

I think it’s great that there is a biker bar opening in Yerevan, as this will also implicitly develop motorcycling in the area. The bar had a nice spirit about its interior, so I’m sure it’ll do the job well!

Good luck to the guys with the business!

Helmet ordered

I have today ordered the helmet that was liked by most people among the available choices — the gray AGV Dragon. I thought I don’t see the helmet when wearing it anyway, so I might as well try and match it with the others’ taste!


I am expecting to have it shipped within two weeks. Let’s see how that rolls!

Planning: First Annual Garbage Ride

Aye everyone!!

This is the First Annual Garbage Ride, and every single person with a motorized vehicle is WELCOME TO JOIN!

About 400km, the ride is a very unique experience of a roadtrip across central Armenia and quite challenging for a single-day effort.

View First Annual Garbage Ride in a larger map

The First leg of the trip follows Armenia’s western border very closely, rides along the Arpacay Reservoir (a wonderful scenery, I’ve heard) and comes all the way to Gyumri.

The Second leg is not your regular Dilijan – Yerevan trip, it goes from Gyumri to Vardaghbyur and to Tashir (!!!), then rides down to Fioletovo through Stepanavan and Vanadzor, then through secondary roads to Hrazdan, Bjni, Yeghvard and finally Yerevan!

Yes, unless you’re a hardcore Armenia traveller, this might be the best journey across Armenia you ever had, so BE SURE TO NOT MISS IT!!

Are you riding a motorcycle? A car? A truck? A bus? A minivan? A ropeway?? Whatever your shot, we take it~!

Got a Facebook account? Go here to RSVP!

My first wheelie

I did my first wheelie on a motorcycle yesterday. Enough said!!

It was a real wheelie… Almost 90 degrees vertical, it was fantastic! After the wheelie my hands were shaking for many minutes, my heart was jumping out of my throat and I could hardly speak through my excitement!

I think I am entering another level of mastering my machine!

First Annual Garbage Ride!!

Dedicated to lovely Garbage, the First Annual Garbage Ride (FAGR) is an amazing riding experience through central and northern Armenia that takes place during the first weekend after September 5.

The trip is not limited to motorbikes only and everyone is free to join with cars, trucks, bicycles, rollerblades or even helicopters! Oh yeah, bringing your own sweet things to the trip is encouraged!

Annual Garbage Ride map

I will post more as the day approaches. Note that the route is subject to change at this point, so this is just a general idea.

In the meantime, mail me if you think you’d want to ride/drive/fly/swim/teleport through the journey!!